About us

The Simulation Center FAMET (CESIFAMET) was created in response to the need felt by FAMET (Airmobile Forces Army) in Spain to improve instruction and training of pilots and crews mechanical helicopter specialists and other related to flying, such as drivers, specialists, etc specialties.

An important point is that CESIFAMET is on a military base, which provides military student pilots a complete setting, since sharing experiences and concerns with peers of a friendly army continually fly the same platform, so in the same language and the great hospitality that characterizes the Spanish armed forces, which since its participation in international peace missions for more than twenty years ago, have gained much experience in the field that they want to share proudly.


All courses can be either in Castilian or English.
There is the possibility of hiring translators for other cases.
The times at which courses are taught by Indra are
15:30 LT till 8:00 LT  working days
and until 24:00 LTbank holidays.

The center is closed from 21 December to 7 January


As a result of the need for Spanish Army training its pilots, an agreement between the company Indra technology leader in Spain and one of the most prestigious in the international environment, and the Airmobile Forces Army comes under which exploitation by Indra focuses simulators in exchange for providing the maintenance thereof.

Since 2006, Indra has trained at CESIFAMET pilots from countries such as:

  • Sweeden
  • Venezuela
  • Bolivia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Chile
  • China
  • Argentina