Chinook, Superpuma and EC135 Helicopter Flight Simulators


Flight Simulators

Full Mission Simulators

The CH-47D Chinook, Superpuma/Cougar AS332/532  and EC135 Full Mission Simulators are the most comprehensive training tools of the centre. Their design solutions use Visual, Motion, Controls loading, and Audio cues to replicate the operation, behaviour and performance of the helicopter while performing training tasks under all possible weather and visual conditions.

Navigation and Procedures Trainers

The CH-47D Chinook and Superpuma/Cougar AS332/532 Navigation and Procedures Trainers share most of the characteristics of the Full Mission Simulators, as well as EC135 FTD3. The main difference lies in a 4-channel visual system, and their fixed base.

SITAC Tactical Instruction System

The teorical system allow to prepare and control the conditions of the training exercises:

  • Meteorological and illumination conditions.
  • Normal and emergency Procedures.
  • Helicopter data.
  • Tactical environment.
  • Navigational elements.
  • Communications.
  • Stealth view.
  • Flight record & replay.

SITAC’s capabilities also include a training management system:

  • Pilots data base.
  • Mission evaluation & analysis system
  • Visual Database management system
  • Course programme design
  • Reports generator
  • Mission record and review

SITAC allows integration of different simulators in a joint mission via the HLA standard.

Maintenance Training

CESIFAMET has a Computer Based Training classroom for each helicopter type where the following courses are given:

  • Helicopter maintenance and repair
  • Avionics maintenance
  • Technical inspector training

FFS CHINOOK              FFS EC135 LEVEL D      FTD3 EC135